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Selling your real estate is no longer as easy as sticking a sign in your front yard, or having a realtor put your home in the MLS and expect to get top dollar. Just as technology has changed the 21st century landscape, it to has changed the way that real estate is viewed. The method through which qualified buyers would actively search for homes is now a completely different process. At Tarazi Estates, our unique and aggressive marketing plan will create maximum exposure for your home and reveal it to many qualified buyers. Get top dollar and more money in your pocket when you contact us today to begin the process of selling your home with our experienced real estate agent.

Real estate is an extremely competitive market for those looking to sell their home. There are thousands of homes out there in different locations all around the city and some are more attractive offers than others; however, this is where a qualified realtor comes into the picture. With Farris Tarazi you will get the most comprehensive selling experience possible in your journey to get top dollar for your home because we understand that your home is an extension of yourself and this is to be respected. With our experienced realtor we can highlight your home in the same way you see it—a special and unique place that is looking for a new family to call home.

Know the Home’s History

Find out everything from the year it was built, the remodeling history to any physical damage that might have occurred.”

When selling your home it can be love at first sight for buyers, or they might see the potential in what could be their new home. Many times when selling your home it can depend on first impressions; our realtor's experience in understanding the point of view of the buyer can be the best tool at your disposal when selling your home. By creating the most attractive prospect for buyers, your home could not only sell quicker, but your home could also reach an overall higher sale value. Now, your number one priority is to have your home seen by as many people as possible. Using the latest technology, our realtor is prepared to employ an aggressive marketing strategy, highlighting the features of your home and bringing in as many offers as possible.